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Study in Australia, Student Visa To Australia in 2021

For students interested in studying in Australia, the Australia Center's International Student Research is designed to keep you updated about what to expect. Thousands of courses are offered, and this guide is perfect for helping you from start to finish. The quest for Australian school can help you find the right school, our resource pages can help you research, work, and live in Australia, and we even have details after graduation about what to expect. Find out what you need to know to study in Australia.


Study in Australia, Student Visa To Australia

For students interested in studying in Australia, the Australia Center’s International Student Research is designed to keep you updated about what to expect. Thousands of courses are offered, and this guide is perfect for helping you from start to finish. The quest for Australian school can help you find the right school, our resource pages can help you research, work, and live in Australia, and we even have details after graduation about what to expect. Find out what you need to know to study in Australia.

Choosing the Right Program

The Australian system has many opportunities for international students, from ESL programs to graduate degree programs. Through the Technical and Further Education (TAFE) scheme, Australia also has very good vocational and technical programs. Here is a list of the most common types of programs available.

ESL – English as a Second Language

In order to develop their English, almost 20 percent of all foreign students who come to Australia participate in an intensive ESL program (known in Australia as ELICOS). This number rises as learners select Australia’s multicultural environment to learn English.
Currently, there are hundreds of institutions providing English language programs and they differ by school. Programs appeal to all levels, from beginner to advanced, and typically there are no criteria for entry. As a base for their undergraduate studies in Australia, students can also take an ESL program.

In order to demonstrate their level of comprehension of English, students usually take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). In Australia, many organisations favor the International English Language Assessment Method (IELTS).
ESLdirectory.com has an online ESL school database – please visit it to find the best school for you!

Degrees Undergraduate / Graduate

In Australia, there are 39 registered universities offering a broad variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. Such services fall into many categories.


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VET – Training and Vocational Education

The VET system in Australia, called TAFE (Techical and Further Education), is a network of institutions providing both practical and career-oriented programs. These programs allow students to start their career path, all rolled into one program with study and practice. The key advantage for VET graduate employers is that they recognize that the employee has practical experience and theoretical background in the workplace. TAFE/VET services are often used by foreign students to enter Australia and improve their chances of becoming permanent residents.


Specialized/Private Colleges

In most fields of study, there are several colleges in Australia that offer diplomas or certificates. Depending on the school, these private/specialized colleges differ in price, but they all generally offer a curriculum that can range from 3 months to 3 years. They may be able to pass credits from these courses to universities, but this depends on the college and its partnership with Australian universities.

Insurance for Australia – OSHCC Insurance for Australia

Australia provides Overseas Student Health Cover, a special health insurance policy for foreign students (OSHC). OSHC is an insurance scheme designed to help foreign students cover the medical and hospital care expenses they may need while in Australia. Because of these conditions, prior to leaving their home country, it is necessary that international students buy their Australian international student health insurance.

What OSHC insurers offer?

There are currently 5 insurers offering OSHC that can be bought through your academic institution or directly on your own:
Management of Australian Health

  •  BUPA Australia
  •  Independent Medibank
  • Global support from Allianz (subcontracted by Lysaght Peoplecare)
  • OSHCC nib

Proof of Insurance

You will be asked to provide proof of payment when you complete your application, as well as confirmation that your OSHC coverage starts when you arrive in Australia.

Australia Financial Assistance

You’ll need enough funds to cover living costs, health care, and fees while studying in Australia.

How much money are you going to require? By looking at catalogs or application details supplied by the university, you will get a general idea about expenses. Note that rates of tuition will differ enormously. Some colleges might be cheaper than others, so you need to contact the schools you are interested in to get the best idea of the costs.

Often, the cost of living in various parts of Australia varies. Living in urban cities, in general, is more costly than living in smaller towns or rural areas. It can cost twice as much to rent an apartment in a major city as it does in a smaller town because of the high demand for accommodation in large Australian towns. It could be more costly for food, clothes, entertainment, and other living expenses.
A continuous phase is budgeting. Work on a “big picture” budget at this point, which will include tuition, room and board, travel, and living expenses. You will be more precise later, taking into account all the extra costs of traveling and fitting in.


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After your application has been successfully completed. And you have reviewed several times to ensure that all is in order, it is time to apply for your university in Australia. At a university in Australia, you can apply in two ways:

  • Direct at the University if you are living in Australia already.
  • In Australia through an accredited education agent

You first need to fill out and download an application form to apply directly to the university, which can be found online on the university’s official website.

Notice that if you are intending to apply to more than one university for study in Australia, you must request a separate application for each university.
There are several licensed education agents in Australia who are in charge of helping you to apply for your preferred course online. The University will assist you in contacting them or you can do research online and contact them on your own.

Get your Offer Letter

You have to wait for the university to review it after you have successfully applied for your course in Australia. Be patient, since admission committees deal with a large number of applications from universities. And it usually takes time to process them. The competition is much fiercer, as you would expect at top-ranked universities, so they will need a little more time than average to go through all of them.

They will leave you an email under normal circumstances within a few weeks following your submission, usually two to three weeks. You will find a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) acceptance attached to that email as evidence that you have been granted a position at that university and other relevant information that you can use when registering later on.

Student Visa

You would require a student visa as a foreign student to be allowed to live and study in Australia. How are you having one?

Australia launched a new student visa system, known as SSVF, in 2016 to simplify the process of applying for a student visa. Thanks to this, you can conveniently apply for an online student visa from Australia. Building your personal account on the ImmiAccount platform is all it takes.
In Australia, foreign students who want to attend any of the following courses are expected to obtain a student visa:

  • ELICOS Independent (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students)
  • Primary School and High School
  • Vocational training and education (VET)
  • Higher education
  • Postgraduate research
  • Non-award courses
  • International students sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs or Defense.

Your Australian student visa eligibility will also depend on the length of your course in Australia. The key restriction is that your study program must last 12 to 52 weeks, otherwise you will not be able to obtain a student visa in Australia.
Remember that you can receive a tourist visa or a Working Holiday Visa to attend it if your training course lasts for less than 4 months.
You need to send the following documents to apply for an Australian student visa.

  • Letter of Offer from an accredited Australian university
  • Proof of Financial Means
  • English Proficiency Proof
  • Proof of Medical Check-ups
  • Certified Criminal Record

Enroll in the Course

Finally, you need to enroll in your course to formally become a student in Australia. Universities in Australia are proud of a versatile registration process that can be carried out fully online. You must use your Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) number to enter their enrollment section, Which you must have got when the university sent you an email to confirm that you were offered a position at their institution.
Depending on the university and the course of your choosing, the documents needed to enrol for your course differ. That in mind, what documents you need to send must be reviewed on your own.

Overall, to enroll in your course in Australia, you must search and upload the following documents:
In Australia, residential address- (You must register it within the first following your arrival in Australia)

  • Valid Passport
  •  Contact Data

Every university has an online enrollment portal that is unique. Universities are aware of this reality and typically have a video guide on their website to show students how to use their online means of enrollment.

Pay attention to the fact that enrollment for some students might change slightly in some universities. Study students, for example, will only be able to enroll through an admission session where they must arrive at the university in person.
When you have completed your online registration, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been sent. The university will then notify you of your chosen course within the next 48 hours after your submission and will confirm that you have enrolled. Congratulations, you’re an Australian student now, and good luck with your studies.

Functioning in Australia

You should know much of what you’ll need to work in Australia after reading this section when you are an international student and after you graduate.
It’s really easy to work in Australia when you are a student and it’s more difficult after graduation. Remember, you can never plan to survive on the money you earn when studying as an international student, but the extra income will definitely help you fulfill your financial needs.

During their time spent studying in the country, many international students studying abroad in Australia would want to work. For these learners, when it comes to work, it is important to be aware of the rules under their student visa.

Foreign Students’ Job Laws

International students in Australia can work for up to 20 hours a week on a valid student visa. While school is in session, and there is no restriction to the amount of hours that an international student can work during accepted school holidays. Monday through the following Sunday is considered a work week in Australia. While they are permitted to arrive in Australia up to 90 days before their course starts, until after their courses have started, students are not permitted to start working.

The 20-hour-per-week cap does not extend to any work to be done by the student as part of his or her studies or training. However, voluntary and unpaid work is counted against the 20 hours. His or her visa can be revoked if a foreign student works more than the Australian restrictions allow.

Job Guidelines for Foreign Students’ Family Members

Accompanying the foreign student under their student visa, family members (spouses and children) have the same job rights as the student-20 hours per week. Unlike students, except on holidays, family members can not exceed 20 hours a week. Their families will work unlimited hours for those students who get a graduate degree, including a master’s degree. Like students, until after the student has begun his or her course, family members are not permitted to begin work.

Applications for job permission and visa

Students applying for a student visa to Australia were expected to apply separately for work permission prior to April 26, 2008. However, students are now eligible to obtain permission to work along with their visa grant as of April 26, 2008. This refers to both the student and any members of the family who might be traveling under his or her visa with the student. When applying for visas and work authorization, this saves students both time and money. In Australia, the visa application fee is officially A$535 for study in Australia.

Before applying for a student visa. Foreign students who want to study in Australia first need to be admitted into an Australian educational institute. Students would need to have a confirmation of enrolment provided by the Australian educational institution when applying for a visa which the student plans to attend as part of their application. This acts as evidence that the student is still staying for educational purposes in Australia. Students are also advised to apply for a visa as early as possible to start their stay in Australia, because of the time it can take to process a visa application.

More Laws and Rules

Under Australian student visas, other laws and restrictions include for study in Australia:

  • Students are needed by the Australian government to follow a consistent study program that has been approved.
  • Have to meet all of the study program criteria in which they are enrolled.
  • Must maintain adequate attendance for and study period as required by their school in their course and course progress.
  • Students are expected to retain Student Health Cover Overseas (OSHC).

A perfect way for international students to supplement their finances is to work throughout their stay in Australia. However, as a foreign student, it is extremely important to be mindful of the limitations imposed on you. Your student visa may be revoked if you breach any of these restrictions and you will be removed from Australia.

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